Our Services

LTI offers comprehensive programs and special projects that serve the individual needs of each community we work with. We have tailored our programs around serving three primary needs: LTI Health is designed to address the basic needs communities have for sanitation, health care, and resource management; LTI Growth enables community self reliance through income generation and agriculture; and LTI Education fosters the education and communication required to sustain community health and wellbeing for generations.

LTI Health

  • Clean water projects
  • HIV⁄AIDS awareness, prevention, and care
  • Health clinic development and management
  • Hygiene and sanitation training
  • Natural resources conservation
  • Family planning

LTI Growth

  • Microlending
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Kitchen garden development and training
  • Subsistence farming development and training
  • Animal husbandry development and training

LTI Education

  • School construction, supplies, and uniforms
  • Community connectivity with outside resources
  • Intra-community knowledge sharing and communication