Limonade, Haiti

Limonade is a rural area located on the northern coast of Haiti. Limonadeís 45,000 residents are considered some of the poorest in all of Haiti, which itself is ranked as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Limonade currently suffers an illiteracy rate of 52%, and the regionís primary source of income is animal husbandry. However, 82% of its residents do not even have the resources to afford basic livestock. As such, most of the people of Limonade have limited sources of income and many children are forced to move to the cities to work as ďrestaveksĒ Ė a form of slavery. In addition, Limonade recently suffered the devastating impact of a series of hurricanes, which have further damaged the regionís prospects.

LTIís work in Limonade officially began in August 2008 when LTIís CEO, Bill Downer, visited the region for two weeks to meet with officials, community leaders, and nongovernmental organizations to identify and set in motion projects that would dramatically improve the lives of Limonadeís children. During Billís visit to Limonade, he focused a great deal of his attention on a community of 3,000 people called Pister. The community has many immediate needs, the most pressing of which is access to clean water. Pisterís community leaders commented that many children have suffered and died from illnesses that it believes are linked to the communityís unclean water source. Since the impact of Hurricane Ike in early September 2008, Pisterís primary water source, as inadequate as it was, was completely washed away.

The first phase of LTIís community development program for Limonade involved the installation of a spring-based clean water system, which was completed in November 2008 thanks to generous donations from our donors and labor provided by the community of Pister.

LTI plans to pursue other projects in Haiti, including extensive training and special projects related to sanitation, agriculture, education and road construction. We also plan to pursue water projects in other areas of Limonade, Haiti. All of the special projects involved in the program will utilize locally available labor and resources, allowing the community members to learn and develop self reliance.

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